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Practising TDD by building an application to scrape sports players data

  • Published July 22nd 2020
  • Updated August 10th 2020

Have you ever wanted to gather and expose data via an API or use your gathered data in your own application? For a long while, I have wanted to build my own application that uses web scrapers to do this and I have finally made a start.

How can I promote my blog posts?

  • Published March 20th 2016

Maintaining a blog is a great way of keeping your followers up to date with your activity. It can also be used as a tool to teach and inform. However writing a blog post regularly and not promoting it, will not gift you with many readers. In this article, I aim to guide you through some of the ways that you can promote your blog posts.

My 6 essential WordPress plugins for every new site

  • Published March 1st 2016

I have developed a few WordPress sites for myself and others and with every new project, I find that there are certain WordPress plugins that I must install immediately. In this article, I want to walk you through some of the essential plugins that I use in my WordPress projects.

WordPress theme files – A stripped back starter template

  • Published November 29th 2015

WordPress theme developers often like to start with a theme template and amend this theme to suit the needs of their particular project. However, when you are learning about theme development, starting with a blank slate can often aid your journey towards becoming a theme developer. I have created a stripped back template that can be used to remove the effort of creating all the core files required for your web build.

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