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Furlonteer are an organisation designed to help furloughed employees find volunteering opportunities with charities. After applying to become a Furlonteer, I was asked to join their team to be their website manager.

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When I was furloughed, I signed up to become a Furlonteer to make use of my free time and share my skills with good causes that needed help during the COVID-19 pandemic.

I worked alongside a small team to maintain and update the Furlonteer website. We had an in-house designer who created designs for the site’s pages and I would make those changes to the site using the team’s chosen web builder software.

Furlonteer home page hero section
The home page design used a large animation that draws the user’s eye to the focal points on the page.

I joined the organisation just before they were about to rebrand their website. The new design used a complex layout and animation which created a few challenges.

As the website manager, I would keep a close eye on the analytics of the website. I used my experience in digital marketing to analyse the group’s Google Analytics account and find insights that we could use to influence and improve the design and performance of the website.

To accompany my work with Furlonteer, I had also been paired with a charity that Furlonteer work with – NAFS. I worked with NAFS to build them a website and rebrand their organisation alongside my work with Furlonteer. You can read more about that project on the NAFS project page.

What made me want to join this team? The people that volunteered their time to make this project the huge success that it was already, was astounding. I felt an affinity with their cause and wanted to continue the success that this relatively small team had already achieved. I am very proud to have been a part of this organisation.

The Furlonteer team during one of our morning calls.

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