NetDirector® Vision

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I created the marketing website for NetDirector® Vision – a product designed to offer 360° interactive visualisations of vehicles on the web.

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The NetDirector® Vision website was a WordPress project that encompassed many features. Its main purpose was to promote the sales for an iOS app capable of creating 360° visualisations that could be displayed as a widget on a website.

I was involved in:

  • Putting the designed website into a WordPress theme.
  • Building/managing additional functionality that were required from the site.
  • Finding and implementing a solution to ensure that the website could be translated into many languages.
The home page played a video behind the content at the top of the page, giving the site a sleek and professional design.

The app’s home page was full of imagery and content. Each part of the home page was specifically designed to walk a user through the journey from using the app to generating content for a webpage.

The website needed to not only describe all of the app’s key features but to demonstrate them also. The project required an area for us to upload demos in a fast and simple way. I did this by creating a custom post type and custom fields to store all of the required information about each demo.

The demo page allowed users to view the first interactive widget when the page loaded and then gave them many different demos to select. When a new demo was selected, the demo pane at the top of the page would dynamically reload without the need for the entire page to reload.

The demo page with an interactive demo widget at the top of the page and a list of other demos to choose from below.

Once all the content had been uploaded to the site and we were sure that all features of the site could support our main objectives of the project, we needed to ensure that the site could be translated into a number of different languages.

The NetDirector® Vision site translated into French

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