Three Dimensional Fitness

Three Dimensional Fitness are a group of personal trainers who operate in Kent, UK. This project involved building a bespoke WordPress theme with custom sections for their requirements.

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This project was one of my first projects that was built in WordPress from the ground up. I did not choose to use an existing theme or a child theme. Instead, I used this project to improve my knowledge of WordPress theme development which enabled me to understand the anatomy of a theme and also the considerations that should go into building a site in this way.

The site’s homepage uses a slider that defines the ‘three dimensions of fitness’ which are the three core values that the group train by.

The site required some bespoke functionality such as custom post types and custom fields which helped us create the ‘about us’ section of the site. We were able to provide the 3D Fitness team with a section of the site where they could upload their personal training resumes and also add more personal trainers to their group in the future if they wished.

The about us section of the site hosts the personal trainers of the 3D Fitness team which can host as many personal trainers as the team require.

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